Why I Started A Mobile Auto Detailing Business

My name is Michael and I graduated High School in 2017. Like most new graduates, I was not sure what I wanted to do. Having a mobile auto detailing business was furthest from my mind. I was working for Home Depot part time and saved a bunch of money. It also helped me realize a few things about myself.

The most important thing was I found was I had a really good work ethic. My goal was to always complete any task given, and in the least amount of time possible. I got many awards and compliments from customers. I had many job offers from contractors as well.

Since I was not sure what I wanted to do, my father and I discussed several businesses I could pursue on my own. I tried a dog poop removal service and power washing as well. Neither really took off.

I remembered a few years back during the summer, I was trying to earn some money. My dad bought me some basic car wash supplies and told me to go door to door and offer car washes. I realized that I actually liked it. That was it. The decision to start MB Detailing was made.

I Want To Be The Best Car Detailing Service

Mobile Auto Detailing

I had lots to learn in order to provide the best possible result to each client I got. While cruising the web one day, I ran across the Meguiars Car Care Website. I had been using some of their products, which I liked. Now I had training on the products from the manufacturer. The awesome products and in depth instruction is this reason I use Maguiars auto detailing products exclusively.

I’ve noticed other car detailing companies have complicated car detailing price lists. I wanted to keep it simple. I offer 3 packages that cover the basic hand car wash, up to a professional car detailing service with all the extras.

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