You just washed your car and figured you would use some compound and car wax to remove swirl marks. Only problem is you made it worse! Now the car has swirl marks and looks hazy! This is a common car detailing nightmare.

It would be bad enough if you did it yourself. What if the kid down the street you paid to detail your car caused the problem? Guaranteed he has no idea how to fix it. Fortunately I can she some light on what happened and how to fix this common car detailing mistake.

What you see above is most commonly caused by improper technique. It can be incorrect applicator or a mismatched product for the paint type. It is always important to use proper technique when compounding or waxing a car. The image below shows improper technique with too much finger tip pressure.

Detailing a car can be done well by hand, but it is always better to have the proper equipment to pull the best possible result form the products you are using. This can be solved by having a reputable car detailing professional care for your car. Anyone serious about their work will have the proper technique and auto detailing equipment.

You should work small areas at a time especially when working by hand. The last thing you want to have is an entire hood, or worse yet the entire car covered in these pressure points and haze. When applying by hand, the other advantage to doing small areas first is to see how much effort will be needed to achieve the desired result.

Let The Kid Wash The Car, But Leave The Car Detailing To A Pro

If you love your car and want it to look like the day you bought it from the dealer, do not hire this kid to perform any car detailing. Feel free to let Daniel-son hand wash your car with your Meguiars Gold Class, but for heaven’s sake don’t let him wax on wax off.

So how do we fix this car detailing quandary? The way to fix this is to go back and use the right product, the right applicator, and good technique. Obviously if there is a DA buffer you can borrow, great. Use that. Also make sure to use the correct pad as well. Finally, use the right technique so regardless if you use a buffer or by hand, you are not using too much pressure causing the spots we saw in the image above. Just redo the job. Take your time, and test spots first.

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**Images Courtesy Of Michael Stoops Global Product and Training Specialist (Meguiars)

Car Detailing Pitfalls

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