Is there such a thing as waxing to much?

The answer is yes and no. Too much wax is not detrimental but at the same time it is wasteful. There is no advantage to overwaxing.

To answer the question, “how often should I wax my car?” I would say for the average person, you should wax and detail your car 3 times per year. At the very least you should wax twice per year, but 3 times is ideal.

If you keep and maintain a coat of wax on your car, it will protect from sun damage like fading, oxidation and discoloring. You put on sunscreen to protect your skin form sun damage right? Well the same applies to your car.

Another reason to keep a coat of wax is to maintain a high gloss. There is nothing like the wet mirror look of a nice car.

You know how it always rains after you wash your car? If your car wax is on point, the dirt and contaminants in the rain droplets will be minimized as the rain will bead up and roll of your car instead of drying and causing those annoying water spots.

How do I maintain my car wax between detail services?

If you are washing the car weekly, I recommend using a spray wax to finish the job after you wash the car. My weapon of choice is Meguiars Ultimate Quik Wax. It gives a long lasting shine like the car has just been waxed and buffed out.

To summarize, you should ideally wax your car 3 times per year. Some would say once a season. Well, in Missouri City, TX we have 2 seasons, hot and hotter, only to be interrupted by a couple weeks of chilly weather. In between your full detail you should use a spray wax to finish when you wash the car, assuming you wash it once a week.

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How Often Should I Wax My Car?

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